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Annual Training Certification & Billing

This is the annual OCR training certification and billing form:
Start this form any time, and submit it after ...
  • you are done with all 3 checkmarks above and
  • you have maximized the OCR-hosted in-person (i.e., up to 10 billable) hours you plan to attend before June 1st (contractors only).
This form includes optional contractor billing, is always required by June 1st whether or not you bill, lists eligible OCR-hosted and -approved hours, and summarizes your entries by all the categories and requirements above, with a visual of what remains to do. You must complete only one form per reporting period (7/1 to the following 6/1--not calendar year), so you cannot add more billing after submission until the next reporting period starts in July.  OCR recognizes the length of a CLE credit (50 minutes) as a complete hour for this.
How to Save Your Progress: Optionally, you may "Save Progress" now or at the bottom of any page. After you do so, follow the prompts to create an account, then use the button at the top of this screen to log in and resume your partial work at any time before June 1, 2024.
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Note: Only OCR contractors or employees must certify completed training on this form and only OCR contractors may bill on this form.  If you are a current OCR contractor (you have your own current signed contract directly with OCR) or employee, please check your answer(s) above to continue.  OCR will verify contractor status after form submission.
If you do not have your own OCR contract or employment, this form is not for you; please exit this form now and contact with any questions.

Click "Next" to start by identifying training you
completed since July that was hosted by OCR.
Click "Next" to start by identifying training you
completed since July that was hosted by OCR.
Please disregard any references to contractor billing.