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Colorado Office of the Child's Representative
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Application for Fiscal Year 2020 Contract

This application is for individuals who do not have a current pickup contract with OCR. (For current contractor renewal or verifications, please consult your individualized email instructions from OCR.)
Information for Applicants
This is the application for the provision of legal services as Guardian ad Litem, state-paid Child’s Legal Representative, and/or Counsel for Children for the contract period beginning 7/1/19.
The Office of the Child's Representative (OCR) is mandated (CRS 13-91-101) to provide best interests representation to children in the State of Colorado. CJD 04-06 further defines the OCR's payment and oversight responsibilities to include attorneys appointed as counsel for children in dependency and neglect proceedings. Therefore, this office will contract with attorneys to provide attorney services as Guardians ad Litem, state-paid Child’s Legal Representatives, and attorneys in dependency and neglect proceedings. The OCR maintains an appointment list of contractors eligible for cases in each judicial district. Learn more about OCR cases here.

All attorneys who contract with OCR are independent contractors, not employees of the OCR. Prior to engagement as an independent contractor for the OCR, the parties will enter into a separate written contract setting forth the duties and responsibilities of the parties.
Deadline: Applications must be submitted no later than 5:00pm on Monday, April 1st, 2019. Only applications submitted electronically through this online form will be accepted. Upon submission of this application, each applicant will receive a confirmation and summary of the form via email.
Resume: PDF format is preferred. This form will prompt you to upload your resume with optional cover letter as a single document so it will be linked to your application (a process similar to attaching a file to an email). Please do not email or mail documents separately or attempt to upload items this form does not ask for.
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Questions? Please consult OCR's Applications FAQ or form preview.

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