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State Seal of Colorado
Colorado Office of the Child's Representative
1300 Broadway, Ste 320, Denver 80203 | P (303) 860-1517 | F (303) 860-1735 |
El Paso County Office: 102 South Tejon Street, Suite 200, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

El Paso County Office Managing Attorney Application

Information for Applicants
Duties and Qualifications:  All applicants should first thoroughly review the salary, duties, qualifications, and other details of this position which can be found on the posting at form will prompt you to answer several open-ended questions and to upload a PDF cover letter, resume, and writing sample.  Be sure these materials specifically address your experience and qualifications for this position.
Submit this form no later than 11:59pm on December 8th, 2021 (Mountain Daylight Time).  Applications will not be considered that are late or contain documents that are illegible, incomplete, emailed or mailed outside of this electronic form, or uploaded in a file format OCR cannot open or read.
Carefully review and finalize this form before submitting it.  Please do not submit this form more than once or ask for updates after submitting.  You will receive a confirmation and copy of your final application at the email address you provide.
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