Guided Reference in Dependency (GRID) Request Form


Original GRID Book:
The original Guided Reference in Dependency (GRID) was published in August 2012.  As a complete reference guide for guardians ad litem and respondent parent counsel, the GRID is intended to assist you in your practice of dependency law in Colorado. The GRID can be easily used in the courtroom and at all stages of a dependency and neglect case, as the 550 page document is approximately the size of a statutes book and quick reference is facilitated by the use of tabs, a user-friendly formatting system, and an extensive index.
August 2015 Pocket Part Updates:
August 2015 updates are now available in both electronic and paper form.  Printed pocket part updates are available to all individuals who received the original bound GRID.  The electronic version available through this form incorporates the 2015 updates into the text and eliminates the table of authorities and index; the online search and bookmarking features enable quick access to relevant topics and law.


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We have limited quantities of the bound GRID and updates.  Please provide the information below and we will be in touch shortly regarding whether we are able to provide the requested item(s).  In the meantime, we welcome you to download an electronic copy.