CISD 2018-19 Student Technology Fair

Thank you for volunteering to judge the 5th annual CISD Student Technology Fair!
Who contacted you about volunteering? *
Tech Expo "in person" judges who work in the district can earn 1.5 CISD PD hours.
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All projects will be judged in two stages:
1.  Judging the projects digitally.
       - Students will submit their projects online by January 17.
       - Judges will be able to examine the projects at their leisure, and fill out the rubrics online.
       - This portion can be done any time from January 18-25.
2.  Judging the project presentations in person.
       - Students will present at the Tech Fair to explain their process to the judges.
       - Only the "presentation" part of the rubric will be judged here.
       - This portion will be done at North Crowley 9th Grade Campus on Tuesday, January 29 (6:30-8:00 pm).
Are you able to judge student projects digitally? *
Are you able to judge student project presentations in person? *
We would love for your to participate in either or both of these stages!

We want to assign projects to you that you'll enjoy! Please rank the categories below, with (1) being your favorite and (5) being the category you're least comfortable judging.
Keep in mind that many of our participants are young students who are just beginning their journey with technology, so you don't need to be an expert in a particular category to judge effectively! Check out the sample projects and rubrics for more info. *
The project criteria (rubrics) for each category are shown below.
Click the links to see examples of past student projects & more!
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3D Modeling Resources
Digital Photography Resources
Digital Video Resources
Multimedia Resources
Robotics & Programming Resources