Records Request 

Employee Information

Crowley ISD is pleased to assist you in obtaining your records while also maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information.  

For our stakeholder’s protection it is mandatory that all former employees of Crowley ISD complete a  "Records Request"  form for your personal financial information (i.e. W2 & Paycheck stubs).  Once completed, you will need to upload the notarized document before your records request can be processed.

It is a Crowley ISD policy decision that it is mandatory for all financial and personnel information to be transmitted to the requestor via mail or in person, after identification is verified.  Financial and personnel information will NOT be transmitted through personal electronic means. 

Please contact Finance/Business Services Department if additional assistance is required.
Finance/Business Services Department
CISD Administration Building, 512 Peach Street Crowley, TX 76036
T 817-297-5800 | F 817-297-4426 |

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Revised 05/05/14