Administrator/Counselor Internship Criteria


  • Intern must be a current employee of Crowley ISD.


  • Intern must be currently enrolled in a graduate or certification program requiring the completion of an internship.


  • Intern must be in good standing without any disciplinary actions or pending actions.


  • Intern must have received a satisfactory or higher on his or her last evaluation.

Interns Expectations and Responsibilities


  • Intern must keep his/her own log of field experiences and requirements.


  • Intern with a supervising administrator/or counselor that has at least two years of experience.


  • Intern must become fully acquainted with the rules and regulations of the school district.


  • Intern must maintain confidentiality of all records and internal matters of the school district at all times.


  • Intern must comply with state and federal laws, district rules, policies, and regulations.


  • Intern must get prior approval from district supervisor to schedule times if the internship program requires an absence from his/her regular duties. (Note: Any absences will require the intern to use his/her discretrionary leave)


  • Intern must schedule other agreed upon activities with interns supervisor.


  • Intern must dress professionally.


  • Intern must be willing to accept feedback.


  • Intern must maintain professional conduct at all times.


  • Intern must communicate on a regular basis with interns supervisor.


  • Intern must work cooperatively and supportively with each campus administrator/counselor.


  • Any cost associated with this internship will be the responsibility of the intern.
  • Intern must complete internship tasks outside of regularly assigned scheduled duties. (Note: The district will not provide compensation in the form of off-periods or monetary complensation for the completion of internship hours)

Criteria for District Employees serving as Internship Supervisors


  • Has received “satisfactory” evaluations.


  • Has a minimum of two years administration/counselor experience.


  • Has demonstrated desired traits/skills necessary to supervise an intern:
    • Leadership skills in their current assignment
    • Awareness of the latest educational research and reform
    • Will provide time and guidance to the intern
    • Has the ability to objectively assess and evaluate the intern
    • Will help with the creation of a plan to provide experiences and responsibilities for the intern


  • Has read the criteria and expectations of an administrator/counselor intern and will provide the necessary opportunities and resources


  • Will work in partnership with Central Administration.

Administrator/Counselor Internship Application



Signatures and Date

*Applicants requesting Administrator/Counselor Internship will be notified by the Human Resources staff within 5 school calendar days of an approval/or denial.
Note: District internship may be terminated if criteria or expectations are not fulfilled.
***An Interns successful completion fulfilling an internship does not provide assurance or guarantee of a future administrator or counselor position in Crowley ISD***