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The funds below are currently holding capital campaigns, receiving annual appeal donations or honoring the memory of a recently passed loved one. 

Community Leadership Fund

Each year,  individuals and families within our Northwest Corner come together through the Community Foundation to support arts and culture, healthcare, education, human services, animal care and land conservation. Their collective charitable gifts are vital to support the operating expenses of the Community Foundation.

The MacCallum Family Fund for Animal Welfare

This fund provides for emergency medical care for sick, injured and/or neglected animals through emergency grants that support the treatment of animals brought to animal hospitals by good samaritans and animals whose owners are in need of financial assistance for their care. The fund also supports efforts to educate the community about the care of animals.

The Women & Girls Fund

Established as a giving circle in 1999 by a small group of women who shared a concern for the real-life needs of local women and girls, the Women & Girls Fund has grown to more than 200 supporters who help women and girls develop skills, attain economic security, and improve their quality of life.

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