Arkansas Bar Association
Mock Trial Competition
Registration - Official Team List

Each school may register up to three teams of up to nine students to compete. If registering two or three teams, please submit a student participant list for each team separately.

Teams must have at least six students to participate in a round of competition: three serving as attorneys and three serving as witnesses. A seventh student should serve as a timekeeper. (If a team has no student to serve as a timekeeper, they must rely on the opposing team's timekeeper.) Please list the names of all official team members (up to nine).

If you know your team members at the time of registration, this form can be completed and returned with your Registration Form on or before December 21, 2022. If you DO NOT know the members of your team at the time of registration, this form can be completed at a later date, but must be turned in to the Bar Association no later than January 14, 2024.


Official Team

Please list the official team members that will be participating in the 2023 Mock Trial Competition this year.
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