ANA Professional Policy Committee - Policy Proposal Form

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Strategic Goal * 🛈
Does the proposal have national relevance? *

Identify if the proposal is being submitted by leaders of an entity (e.g., C/SNA, Individual Member Division (ANA-IMD), ANA Board of Directors or Organizational Affiliate) or by an individual ANA member (e.g., ANA-C/SNA or ANA-Only).

Primary Contact Person (or Designee)
This individual needs to be available to respond to questions or requests from the Professional Policy Committee or Membership Assembly Representatives if the proposal is accepted.

Second Contact Person (or Designee)


For a proposed new policy, identify the critical policy gap that would be addressed.

For a proposed revised policy, speak to the revisions needed and the rationale for the revisions.

For a proposed Dialogue Forum Topic, identify the underlying issue(s) to be addressed during the Dialogue Forum.

(Refer to Section 1 of the Guide: Questions to Consider Before Submitting a Proposal.)

Recommended Actions

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