Request for Distribution of Campaign Materials

Complete this order form to request a one-time distribution of email communication by ANA to Membership Assembly Representatives.

This request may be made by either a candidate or her/his designated campaign manager. For email distribution, the message will be sent exactly as provided. Graphic images included in the communication may not exceed 598 pixels in width. 

The subject line for all e-mail communication will read:

  • Campaign Message from Candidate for [elective position] [full name].

 The body of the e-mail will include the following statements before the candidate‚Äôs communication: 

  • Please see the communication below from [full name] who is a candidate for [elective position]. In accordance with the ANA Election Manual candidates for ANA elective office may ask ANA to transmit a campaign statement to Membership Assembly Representatives with a payment from the candidate to cover costs.
  • See ANA Election Manual for pricing and additional details.
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CONTACT: For questions, contact
When contacted by ANA Office of General Counsel Staff, credit card information will need to be provided.