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AHEPA Chester-Delco Chapter #79 is looking for worthy candidates for its 2020 Scholarship program.

The Scholarship is open to High School Seniors and current College Undergraduate Students with a minimum Cummulative GPA of 3.0.

To be eligible for the Chapter Scholarship you, your parent(s), or legal guardian must be a member of one of the following and in good standings with the church (all dues up to date):

1)     Chester Delco AHEPA Chapter 79 (for at least 1 year)
2)     Daughters of Penelope Laodice Chapter 246 (for at least one year)
3)     St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Media PA. If you are eligible for a scholarship based on your good standing within the Church,  confirmation/verification must be provided to the scholarship committee by the March 31,2020 deadline. 

To Apply you must complete all of the following steps by the March 31st deadline:
1) Completely fill out, sign and submit this online form.
2) Upload the minimum of a 400 word Original essay. Prior year(s) essay(s) can noot be submitted. (Topics listed below)
3) You or your school must deliver or have postmarked by March 31st  your most recent Official Sealed Transcript to:

                                         Edward Stasen
                                         AHEPA Scholarship Committee Chairman
                                         327 Echo Valley 
                                        Newtown Square, PA 19008
                                         **Must be received by March 31st!

If your school provides "Official" digital transcripts they will also be accepted  but the they must be emailed directly from the school to James Kemmerer or Edward Stasen directly, prior to the March 31st deadline. and/or (Rick Hogue)

Ackowledgement *

You may also apply separately for an AHEPA District #4 or National Scholarship by  going to the links below.

District Scholarship:      
National Scholarship:    

Student Information

Would you like to be considered for a needs based Scholarship? (If you check "Yes' an additional follow up form may be required) *

Church attended *
Are you or your parents a member in good standing of one of the following orders? (You must make a selection for every option. Select NA if you are not affiliated with any one group) *
AHEPA- (Chester-Delco Chapter #79)
Daughters of Penelope - (Laodice Chapter #246)
Sons of Pericles
Maids of Athena

High School Seniors Only

Academic Record of Current Academic Institution

Essay- Please select one question and respond in no less than 400 words.

  • How has Hellenism influenced your life?
  • Pick an experience or person in your life and explain how it or he/she/it has influenced your development.
  • How will your study of _______ contribute to your immediate or long range career plans?
  • Describe how you have demonstrated leadership ability both in and out of school.
  • What do you consider to be the single most important societal problem? Why?


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