Join the Carytown Merchant's Association! In 2016, your board spent dues very responsibly to promote Carytown, and we plan to continue the great momentum into 2017. Dues for 2017 are $250 and are allocated annually. 

Please fill out the bottom portion of this form and pay by credit card or mail with payment to the address below. Having your current email address enables us to keep you informed about marketing opportunities, security issues, meetings and current events.

The CMA uses these membership dues to promote Carytown, execute and retain beautification efforts, organize events and provide marketing support for its participants, Monthly CMA Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 8:30am, hosted by Ellwood Thompson's in The Beet Cafe.

Benefits include:
• Link on the Carytown webpage: which includes member status.
• Postings on the Carytown Facebook page which has over 22,000 fans and the Carytown Twitter account
• Co-Op advertising opportunities at little or no cost!
• Carytown socials to network with fellow merchants and enjoy food and drinks
• A booth space at the Carytown Watermelon Festival (if reserved by April 1st)
• Current information about the CMA's work with the city on safety and improvements

Let's work together to promote Carytown for 2017 and beyond!

2017 CMA Dues Payment *
Once you hit the "CONTINUE" button, you will be directed to the payment page
and will have the option to sign up for the Carytown Watermelon Festival.