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Complete the form below to update the Key Contacts listed in our printed directory. To review the current contacts visit the Community College Finder. Locate your institution and review the box labeled Key Contacts. If you have questions or need additional assistance please email us at membership@aacc.nche.edu or 202.416.4540.
Changes are reviewed and processed by AACC staff. Notification will be sent when updates have been completed.

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Chief Executive Officer - CEO

Chancellor, President, Provost, or other official with overall responsibility for the college, district, or campus.

Assistant to CEO/President - ASST

Administrative official responsible for supporting the institution's CEO/President.

Academic Officer - CAO

Administrative official responsible for directing academic program of the institution.

Advancement Officer - ADV

Administrative official responisble for directing activities supporting the institution's major goals, stability and growth. Areas of responsibility include fundraising, endowments, capital, and personnel.

Business Officer - BOF

Administrative official responsible for business and financial affairs, including purchasing, accounting, and investments.

Development Director - DVO

Administrative official responsible for alumni programs, fundraising, and grant proposal development.

Executive Vice President - EVP

Administrative official responsible for all or most functions and operations of an institution under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer.

Government Relations Officer - GVR

Administrative official responsible for serving as a liaison to government entities and advocating on behalf of the institution.

Public Information Officer - PIO

Administrative official responsible for community relations, public information, and related functions.

Student Services Officer - SSV

Administrative official responsible for directing the range of student services, including testing, placement, and counseling.

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