So many wonderful things go on within the Lindenhurst Union Free School District.
It is the job of the public relations office to know about them
and share them with the community!
Please use this form to make me aware of the following:
Special students, teachers, and other staff members deserve recognition for a job well done. Highlight awards, honors, and achievements of all kinds.
Special events, performances, festivals, celebrations, school productions, etc. make good stories.

Innovative programs, people, and projects in the classroom or school are an inspiration to your co-workers and community.

Past Event Details

What is taking/has taken place? Please provide a brief description including the following details: Who, What, Where, When etc. *
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Does/Did this event meet any curricular objectives (i.e. Common Core)? If yes, how? *
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When submitting photos to the public relations office for media use, it is imperative that they are "Useable."
Please take a moment to review the following "Guide for Useable Photos" to ensure that the photos you are submitting/will submit can be utilized.

Guide for “Useable” Photos

A “useable” photo is one in which children are either posed and smiling at the camera, or engaged in the activity will be reported on.  Below are additional tips that will ensure that your photographs will be considered for press releases, web updates and newsletter articles.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - Be sure the student has permission to be photographed
  • Students should be appropriately dressed and should not be wearing hats in the photos (Please be mindful of clothing that contains logos or phrases that may not be deemed appropriate as well as accessories such as mobile phones etc.)
  • Students in the background of the photo should not be making faces or gestures
  • Fill the frame with your subject
  • Review the photo after you’ve taken it to ensure that it is in focus
  • Unless it is a class photo, photos should not include more than five students
  • Be mindful of objects in photo (backpack, water bottles, fans, lunch boxes etc) unless items are pertinent to the story


Please Attach Any "Useable Photos." (Be Sure That All Students Photographed Have Permission.)

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Thank you!
You will here from the public relations office if follow up is necessary.